Why do I need a GTIN?

What is a GTIN? 

Almost all retail products have a GTIN number (Global Trade Item Number). This number is a product's globally unique identification code, and it is linked to the product in retail point of sale systems. When a product barcode is scanned at point of sale, the product's GTIN number will appear on the retailer's screen.

Each variation of a product has its own GTIN number (e.g. different colours, flavours, sizes of the same product will have unique GTIN numbers). This makes it easier for retailer's to identify exactly how many items of each product have been sold, how many they still have in stock, and which items they need to reorder.

How do I get a GTIN?

If you don't have a GTIN (UPC or EAN-13 barcode) for your product, we recommend that you order one from our International Barcodes website (internationalbarcodes.com). Our EAN and UPC barcodes can be used worldwide and include free barcode registration in online barcode/product databases.

Alternatively you can get a GTIN from any of the members of our International Barcodes Network, or from your local GS1 office, or from another reputable barcode supplier.

Why is a GTIN needed to create a 2D Barcode? 

The GTIN is used to create the URI (web address) which is connected to your 2D Barcode. A GTIN is needed to make each 2D Barcode uniquely linked to each individual product. 

In the example image below the product's UPC barcode number 609722880008 has been encoded into the Digital Link URI. For more information please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

gs1 digital link qr