Get started with 2D Barcodes

Generate 2D Barcodes and Digital  Links for each of your products using the IBN Link Platform

1. Create Your IBN Link Account

Get started with our 30-day free trial, which gives you a 2D Barcode (QR Code) and Digital Link for a single product.

We also provide various subscription options based on the number of products you require 2D Barcodes for.

2. Complete the Add a Product form

To get started, log in to the dashboard and complete the Add a Product form. You'll need to fill out this form for each unique product GTIN (UPC or EAN-13 number). Typically, each product variation, such as size or color, will have a different product GTIN.

Within the form, you can include various Product Links (also known as GS1 Link Types) to provide your customers with specific product information. For instance, you can offer information in different languages, promotions, or instructional videos. Our Resolver System can decode these Product Links, allowing different scans of your product's QR code to redirect to various Digital Content. For example, a customer scanning your product's QR code in Brazil could be directed to digital information in Portuguese, while a customer scanning the same product QR code in the UK would be directed to digital information in English.

Once you've completed the form for each product, simply click the "SUBMIT" button. Your products will then be saved in your account, and you can log in at any time to view or modify the product information or links.

3. Generate your Digital Link and 2D Barcode

Once your products are added, they will appear in your Dashboard. From there, you can easily access and manage your product information, view the associated Digital Links, and download the QR code images (in SVG format).

To view or download the QR code image, simply click on the green QR code button located to the right of the product.

gs1 digital link qr code generator


Click DOWNLOAD to download the QR Code image in SVG format and save it to your computer.

GS1 Digital Link QR Code Generator

4. Insert the 2D Barcode into your product label design

Insert the 2D Barcode (QR Code) into your product label design and adjust its size if necessary.

Ensure that your product label includes both the EAN-13 or UPC barcode image and the 2D Barcode. Currently, both types of 2D Barcodes. However, the retail industry is expected to support 2D Barcode scanning at the Point of Sale by 2027. From 2027 onward, brands may be able to start using only the 2D Barcode on product packaging.

example digital link qr code on bottle

5. Check and test your 2D Barcode

Perform a test print of your label or packaging with the 2D Barcode.

Use your smartphone camera to scan the printed 2D Barcode and ensure that it can easily decode it.

After scanning, your smartphone camera should redirect you to the correct product information page on our website. Double-check that the 2D Barcode matches the correct product!

If you encounter scanning issues, it might indicate errors in how the barcode image was edited or printed. Ensure that the printed barcode is sharp and clear, without any blurriness.

6. Print your 2D Barcode on your product labels

After confirming that your 2D Barcode scans easily and links to the correct product information page, you can proceed to print the QR code on all your labels and packaging.

You're all done! You can come back and change your product information and Product Links at any time.

To modify any of your product information or Product Links, simply return to this website and log in to your Dashboard. You have the flexibility to make unlimited changes to as many products as needed.

You can add or remove promotions, update your company's contact details, and provide information in various languages.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our team if you require assistance!