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Providing 2D Barcodes worldwide

IBN LINK is a member of the International Barcodes Network (IBN), a global network of barcode suppliers with its headquarters based in New Zealand. It is operated by International Barcodes Ltd (our official company details are here). We have been providing registered EAN and UPC barcodes to clients worldwide for over a decade.

In 2023, we launched IBN LINK to assist our clients and other businesses in staying at the forefront of the new barcode industry development known as 2D Barcodes. 

2D Barcodes represent the future of retail barcodes. By 2027, it is expected that all retail shops in the USA (and eventually worldwide) will be capable of scanning 2D Barcodes at the point of sale. 


Enhancing the digital presence of products with 2D Barcodes

At IBN LINK we have been an industry leader in developing one of the first 2D Barcode platforms. This enables brands and manufacturers worldwide to effortlessly create and manage the 2D Barcodes for their entire product range.

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2D Barcodes industry leader

We are an industry leader in creating smart digital barcode platforms.

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Integration with smartphone apps

Our 2D Barcodes are compatible with Android and Apple Product Info Apps. When a 2D Barcode is scanned with a smartphone app, it will display specific information selected by the Product App, such as sustainability info, ingredient lists, or product instructions.

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Easy to use platform

We've developed a user-friendly 2D Barcode platform. Enter your product information and create your Digital Link URI and 2D Barcode in a few quick steps!

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