Unlock the Power of
2D Barcodes

Barcodes are changing. Soon, all retailers around the world will be scanning 2D Barcodes at the Point of Sale instead of the traditional linear UPC or EAN barcode. Here at IBN Link we make it easy to create these 2D Barcodes for your products.

The Future of Barcodes is Here

By 2027, all retailers are expected to scan 2D Barcodes at Point of Sale.

2D Barcodes are replacing linear EAN and UPC barcodes. Get ready and make the change with IBN Link today!

Don't just label your products, engage!

2D Barcodes go beyond labels; they serve as gateways to multimedia experiences. From videos to webpages, enhance your customers' experience, offering more than just a product.

One code,
multiple possibilities

Goodbye to cluttered packaging! 2D Barcodes condense a wealth of information into one scannable code, slashing printing expenses and boosting product interactivity.

User-friendly, trustworthy platform

With IBN Link, effortlessly include product data and create 2D Barcodes compliant with the GS1 Digital Link standard. Our secure platform guarantees precise and current product information sharing. 

Customisable product information 

Imagine a simple 2D Barcode that seamlessly engages both Point of Sale (POS) scanners and your customers' smartphone cameras, delivering tailored information based on its scanning context. 

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Compare a linear barcode image with a 2D Barcode

A traditional linear barcode image (EAN or UPC format) contains no information other than the barcode number.

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A 2D Barcode is generated as a QR Code. This can connect users either to a simple product information page, or to a wide variety of other pages and product information. 



Scan the 2D Barcode below for a demo

Scan the 2D Barcode below with your smartphone camera to see how a 2D Digital Link QR Code works!

Frequently asked questions

What is a 2D Barcode?

A 2D barcode is a two-dimensional way to represent information. Unlike the traditional linear UPC or EAN barcodes, which are limited to storing a small amount of data, 2D barcodes can hold a significantly larger amount of information.

How are 2D Barcodes different from traditional barcodes?

Traditional barcodes store data in a series of black and white lines, while 2D barcodes use patterns of squares, dots, hexagons, and other shapes. This allows 2D barcodes to encode more data in a smaller space.

Why are retailers switching to 2D Barcodes?

Retailers are switching to 2D barcodes for their capacity to hold more information, their speed and accuracy in scanning, and their versatility in use across different types of products and industries.

Will my existing UPC/EAN barcodes still work?

While the transition to 2D barcodes is underway, most retailers will continue to accept traditional UPC/EAN barcodes for a period of time. However, it is recommended to adopt 2D barcodes as soon as possible.

How do I generate a 2D Barcode for my product?

At IBN Link, we provide an easy-to-use platform where you can create 2D barcodes for your products. Simply enter your product information and our system will generate the barcode for you.

How can customers scan 2D Barcodes?

Customers can scan 2D Barcodes using standard barcode scanners at retail outlets or through smartphone cameras using various barcode scanning applications.

What are the costs involved in switching to 2D Barcodes?

Transitioning to 2D barcodes involves minimal costs on our platform. The primary cost is associated with updating your product packaging to include the new barcode.

How will 2D Barcodes benefit my business?

By adopting 2D barcodes, your products will be ready for the future of retail, ensuring compatibility with the latest retail technology. This transition also offers opportunities for enhanced product tracking, better inventory management, and enriched customer engagement through augmented product information.