What is a Resolver?

IBN Link is a Digital Link Resolver Service. Read on to find out what a Resolver is & the benefits of using one for your 2D Barcodes. 

A Resolver allow a variety of different product information
to be displayed when a 2D Barcode is scanned.

There are two choices for 2D Barcodes:

Without a Resolver

If no Resolver is used, then a 2D Barcode will only lead directly to a single webpage identified by its URL, restricting the user to a single set of information.
digital link qr code without a resolver

With a Resolver

If a 2D Barcode is connected to a Resolver service then the Resolver acts as a bridge connecting different scans of the same 2D Barcode to various sources of information, such as recipe suggestions, product details, store locations, and information written in different languages.
gs1 digital link resolver

Let's look at some real-world scenarios:

  • John, the owner of a fashion label with a strong focus on sustainability, understands the importance of transparency. He believes his customers would like to know the origins of his clothing and its environmental impact.
  • Emily has received prescription medication from her doctor but can't remember the instructions for how to use it. She scans the 2D Barcode on the box to find the information she needs.
  • Miguel is in Brazil. He's just purchased a smartwatch which was manufacturered in the USA. He wants to read instructions for how to use it written in Portuguese. He scans the 2D Barcode on the box with his phone, and is instantly directed to online product information displayed in the language that his phone is set to (Portuguese). 
  • Lisa works in a retail store and needs to retrieve price information quickly. She scans the product at the point of sale to obtain the pricing details.

With a simple scan, everyone can find the information they require. Consumers scan a 2D Barcode containing a Digital Link web address and receive comprehensive product information directly from the manufacturer. 

Link Types are set up on a Resolver Platform to allow direct different scans of the same 2D Barcode to be directed to different places.

Link Type


Activity Ideas


A link to ideas for using a product or engaging in other forms of entertainment, particularly with children.

Allergen information


A link to a description of the allergen information.

Information for professionals about this brand


A link to a brand presence aimed at clinical professionals.

Information for patients about this brand


A link to a brand presence aimed at patients.

Careers information


A link to information about jobs, careers, or other employment opportunities associated to an organisation or location.

Certification Information


A link to certification information.

Consumer handling and storage information


A link to information about safe handling and storage for consumer use.