Unlock the Future of Product Barcodes with Digital Links

Barcodes are changing. Soon, all retailers around the world will be scanning QR codes at Point-of-Sale instead of the traditional barcode. IBN Link makes it easy to create these QR codes for your products.

Experience the Future of Barcodes

Don't Just Label Your Products, Engage!

Digital Link QR codes are more than just labels; they are gateways to multimedia experiences. From videos to webpages, provide your customers with more than just a product—offer them an experience.

One Code,
Multiple Possibilities

Say goodbye to cluttered packaging. With Digital Link QR codes, you can pack an array of information into a single, scannable code, reducing printing costs and making your products more interactive. 

User-Friendly, Trustworthy Platform

IBN Link makes it hassle-free to add product data and generate QR codes compatible with the GS1 Digital Link standard. Our secure platform ensures accurate and up-to-date product information sharing. 

Customisable Product Information 

Picture a single QR code that interacts with both Point-of-Sale (POS) scanners and your customers' phone cameras, delivering customised information based on its scanning context. 

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Compare a barcode image with a Digital Link QR code

A GTIN image contains no information other than the barcode number.

Digital Link for VivaFizz Naturale
A Digital Link QR code contains a resolver link that can return the product's GTIN or redirect to files, videos, webpages and more. 



Unlock the power of Digital Links with IBN Link.

All retailers are expected to support scanning Digital Link QR codes by 2027.
This revolutionary system will eventually replace the traditional EAN/UPC barcode image. Get a head start and make the switch with IBN Link today!