Don't just label your products, engage!

2D Barcodes are transforming how customers engage with products. Include them in your product labels to add unparalleled value to your products and build brand loyalty.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

The limitations of traditional barcodes

Traditional linear (EAN and UPC) barcodes serve one purpose: to be scanned at the point of sale for transactional purposes. They're a necessary but limited tool that contains no additional information besides the barcode number itself. The result is a missed opportunity to engage with consumers who are increasingly looking for a richer shopping experience.

Enter 2D Barcodes

Unlike traditional barcodes, 2D Barcodes do more than identify your product at the till. Compliant with GS1 Standards, these 2D Barcodes act as gateways to a realm of possibilities. From linking to videos and FAQs to showcasing product and manufacturer details, these codes become interactive portals that enhance the customer experience.

Multimedia experiences

Imagine a customer scanning a 2D Barcode on a bottle of wine and instantly receiving food pairing suggestions, video tours of the vineyard, and expert reviews. The 2D Barcode becomes not just a product identifier but a catalyst for a more engaging and enriching experience.

Comprehensive product information

2D Barcodes can link to in-depth information such as sustainability initiatives, accreditations, ingredients, recipes, and more. This brings an added layer of transparency and trustworthiness that modern consumers appreciate.

Real-time updates

One of the most advantageous features of 2D Barcodes is their ability to link to real-time data. Price changes, promotional offers, and limited-time events can be updated instantly, keeping your customers always in the loop.

Why choose our platform?

Our Digital Link platform adheres strictly to GS1 Standards, ensuring that your 2D Barcodes will be universally scannable and provide reliable, secure data. We simplify the creation and management of these codes, allowing you to focus on crafting the experiences that will delight your customers.